“Writing for Social Justice and Change” and “Sí se puede”

SPAN 3021-001 | Spanish Grammar and Composition II Writing for Social Justice and Change (fall)

SPAN 3030 | Cultural Conversations- Sí se puede: Community Engagement in Spanish Speaking Charlottesville (spring)

Have you ever wondered what kinds of change could you enact with more proficient Spanish writing skills?

In these sections of SPAN 3020 and SPAN 3030, you will have the opportunity to grapple with advanced grammatical and writing skills while you read and discuss selected works by representative Latin American authors that have used writing as a tool for social justice and change, and by participating in a community engagement project. In this course, in addition to completing 15-18 hours of volunteer work with a local organization in the fields of immigration and education, health, or social work, you will deliberately use advanced grammatical forms to construct meaning and will produce texts in which grammar and meaning interact to lead to effective writing in Spanish.

Professor Esther Poveda Moreno

Student Work

UVA Today Faculty Spotlight: Esther Poveda Moreno

One in an occasional series about University of Virginia faculty members who are helping to make the University both great and good. Today’s installment features Esther Poveda Moreno, whose Spanish course brings students into the community to work with local organizations in the fields of immigration and education, health or social work.

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Podcasts y comunidad

Desde septiembre de 2019 hasta abril de 2020, y como parte de una secuencia cursos con un componente de “civic and community engagement”,  los estudiantes de SPAN 3020 (Writing for Social Justice and Change)  y  SPAN 3030 (Sí se puede: Community Engagement in Spanish Speaking Charlottesville) trabajaron como voluntarios con dos organizaciones que dan servicio a la comunidad hispanohablante de Charlottesville: la Iniciativa de Salud Latina de UVA y Latinx and Migrant Aid de Madison House.

El cambio climático y los derechos humanos

Por Lauren Price: Durante una gran parte de mi vida, he estado consciente de la desigualdad que existe en el mundo. Se puede ver esta desigualdad en el trato diferente que reciben las personas de diferentes razas, géneros, clases sociales y, ahora, aquellos que reciben o tienen la capacidad de dar protección contra el cambio climático.

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Bilingual STEM Education

SPAN 3020 students worked with the UVA Equity Center, Madison House, and Albemarle County Public Schools to create bilingual vocabulary cards for over 200 STEM concepts. These resources support K12 multilingual learning and were created during the COVID pandemic which has underlined educational inequities.
Earth Science Vocabulary
Algebra Vocabulary
Math Cognates

The Lua Project hosts Día de Los Muertos festival at IX Art Park

By Zachary Anderson, former SPAN 3020/3030 student: Mexilachian folk music and ancient Mexican tradition brings Charlottesville community members together.

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